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Cross of the Door
The Cross of the door was elaborated according to the most fundamental and the most efficient principles, to protect your house and make the springboard of your success.

To create originally to take away any demonic influence and attack of the wizards, this cross is an unstoppable shield against any shape of nuisance, including géobiologique.

But there does not stop(arrest) the vast of its action(share); because she(it) will feed literally the luck(chance), making all your acts of the factors(mailmen) of success.
It is enough to you for it to return in touch with her, speaks touch, every time you penetrate into your house or every time you leave her(it).

Broadcasting and receiving, incomparable talisman of a power of beneficial vibrations, The Cross of the Door associates the most active symbols of the Cabbala and the Gnosis.
She(It) will attract(entice) towards you the luck(chance) and protègera your house of any shape of harmfullness.

Ref: CDP001

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