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Black Candle
The color black absorbs all colors, so think of these Midnight Black Chime Candles as a mini black hole ready to absorb whatever needs to be put in them. Black candles are good for protection by absorbing any negative energies and offering a clean slate to recharge and renew. Think of burning a black candle, to remove energy ,as creating a hole in one's aura where that energy used to be, now what energy would one like to put in that space. This energy replacement quality makes Black candles a powerful healing tool, especially with stubborn or persistent illness or to break addictions. Black candles are also excellent in dealing with the spirit world, ancestors and dark moon or shadow Gods and Goddesses to open a portal to their realms to receive guidance , wisdom, or favors. It is also used for sending negative energy, hexes or compulsions, but remember one reaps what one sows.

8 In

Réf. : 5219

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